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GT Spirit 1/8 Ferrari F40 Red

GT Spirit 1/8 Ferrari F40 Red

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SKU: GTS80021
Weight: 18 kg, 0 grams
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Limited Edition of 249pcs

Product Origin: France

Brand: GT Spirit

Scale: 1:8

Color: Red

Code: GTS80021

The Ferrari F40 is the ultimate masterpiece of Commendatore Enzo Ferrari. Developed from the 288 GTO, it inherited the turbocharged V8 engine with the added bonus of 2 turbos and a 3L tank. With a power of 478 horsepower and a total weight of 1100 kilos, the performance of the car is impressive, with a maximum speed of 324 km / h surprising everyone when it came out. The F40 is more than a Supercar, it’s a race car for the road. With its Spartan interior, carbon, and omnipresent noise, every bolt has been fine-tuned. This F40 represents the holy Grail of modern Ferraris.