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GT Spirit Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Green

GT Spirit Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Green

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Limited Edition of 999pcs

Product Origin: France

Brand: GT Spirit

Scale: 1:18

Color: Mojito Green

Code: GT278

Whenever we mention the name Jeep, we think of the famous “Jeep Willys”, symbol of the liberation of Europe by the US military and its allies. Since the 2010s and its integration into the “Fiat – Chrysler” fold, the brand has reinvented itself and dominates a market for “real” 4x4s where the competition is being seduced by the “siren song” of SUVs. With the Wrangler, Jeep is making a strong comeback and establishing itself as a true benchmark. The Rubicon version of the Wrangler is the ultimate mainstream off-road weapon!