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Solido Mercedes 190 EVO II (W201) - Black - 1990

Solido Mercedes 190 EVO II (W201) - Black - 1990

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Product Origin: France

Brand: Solido

Scale: 1:18

Color: Black

Code: S1801001

If the 190 was the incarnation of a discreet and classic car, the EVO2 version quickly moved towards a more aggressive style. Introduced in March 1990, it revolutionized the sporty sedan genre. The German wiseman began packing heat, becoming aggressive and even impressive with its huge adjustable spoiler that seemed to have been nicked from a Ferrari F40. It adopted 17-inch wheels, fender flares, a front spoiler and a streamlined flat bottom to obtain an excellent air penetration coefficient of 0.30. The performances matched the sporty allure of the car with a 4-cylinder engine pushing 235 horsepower, propelling the Mercedes up to 248 km / h.