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GT Spirit Porsche RUF Turbo R Grey

GT Spirit Porsche RUF Turbo R Grey

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Weight: 2 kg, 0 grams
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Limited Edition of 1,500pcs

Product Origin: France

Brand: GT Spirit

Scale: 1:18

Color: Grey

Code: GT145

Ruf is a German company that has been redesigning Porsche cars since the seventies. Having become an internationally recognised brand, it was given its official status as a manufacturer. In 1998, it introduced its vision of the 993 Porsche Turbo. Its cam shafts, turbos, electronics, exhausts and ground connections are made in-house. The venerable Porsche went from 408 to 490 horsepower, while its unmistakable look was improved upon with new rims, logos, and a front spoiler.